Personal Investigation project ‘In the Bloom’

Inspired by spring blooms, bright colours and hand painted and drawn designs by Designers Guild and Bluebellgray. I did the artwork using watercolour, procion dye, ink and pen and used bouquets of fresh flowers and photographs from Tatton Park in Knutsford for my primary research.


‘Printed Textiles’

I was impressed with how this project turned out and I learned something new during every stage of the process from primary research to printing of my designs on fabric. The pictures I’ve shared cover most stages – initial drawings from flowers, books, photographs, development of ideas, tracing the designs onto kodatrace and final collection of screen-printed fabrics. I think what made this project a successful one was choice of imagery and colour along with certain dye and screen-printing techniques.


Final Major Project – ‘Shibori’

For my final project I decided to shift away from fashion design and concentrate more on designing patterns and surfaces. I discovered work of two Australian designers Pepa Martin and Karen Davies, and I thought it was a brilliant idea to use traditional fabric dyeing/printing methods as a starting point for wallpaper design. And here is a short description of the design and making process…

First I collected photographs and drawings of patterns and textures found in nature. Following the inspiration I started the fabric dyeing process. I used techniques such as stitch and bound resist, Karamatsu and crackle shibori etc. Because each one of these techniques resulted in different pattern I had a lot of variety to work from. And to make the whole process a bit more complicated, I also did four different cyanotype prints, which was completely unplanned and at that point I didn’t know if and how I would use the prints in the project. Once I’d scanned all my samples I started working on the designs. I used Photoshop to create repeat patterns. I made the wallpapers by screen-printing the patterns onto lining paper which I bought at a DIY store. Each wallpaper is printed with two layers of blue ink – light and dark.

After I had done all the printing I had some time left to make printed cushions. While designing patterns for the cushions I found a way of making interesting prints by combining different shibori and cyanotype patterns. Again I screen-printed the designs onto fabric and made four small cushions.

I was really pleased with the results, especially when seeing all my work displayed for the end of year show.I am looking forward to starting new projects at university.